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Funding Sources

Academia Sinica - Multidisciplinary Health Cloud Research Program: Technology Development and Application of Big Health Data

Chief Investigators

Vice President Andrew H.-J. Wang (Academia Sinica), Vice President Fan-sen Wang (Academia Sinica)

Principal Investigator

Chief Executive Officer I-chun Fan (Center for GIS)

Co-Principal Investigators

Associate Researcher Pei-Shan Liao (Center for Survey Research), Associate Researcher Ta-Chien Chan (Center for GIS)


Ta-Chien Chan Yung-Chu Teng Chiao-Ling Kuo Chien-Chou Chen Bo-Cheng Lin Jui-Hung Kao Yao-Hsien Yeh Po-Yao Chen

Copyright and Sources

OpenStreetMap Highcharts CC BY 3.0 DATA.GOV.TW
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1991-2000: 統計博覽繪,Center for GIS, RCHSS, Academia Sinica, year-end population.
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2008-2021: Socio-Economic Database, Mistry of Interior, year-end population.

World Standard Population:The World Health Organization's (WHO) new World Standard Population (2000).


Reference Method

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